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Commercial Snow Removal

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Serving commercial clients throughout southeastern Wisconsin.


In order to offer a comprehensive snow removal service, we have made sure that we are equipped with a large variety of snow removal tools and equipment. Our snow inventory includes: skid loaders, dump trucks with salters, numerous pick-up trucks with plows, and commercial snow blowers. With a maintenance crew on staff, our employees are able to take on the task at hand without any road blocks.


All of the accounts we undertake at MJR Services, are supervised by one of our experienced snow removal experts. This ensures the final product of our services meets or exceeds your expectations, and provides a safe environment for employees and/or customers. Our staff is trained to move the snow into the designated areas established at the start of the snow season.


As a business, we understand the necessity to maintain a budget. That is why we choose to offer a seasonal pricing option for business looking to have a set monthly payment that will not change depending on the number of visits made to your property. We work hard to develop a snow and ice management plan that is catered to the needs of your property.

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You can never be certain when a winter storm will hit in Wisconsin. That is why our dependable snow crew is available 24/7, seven days a week. We provide services to properties in Muskego, Franklin, Oak Creek, Hales Corners, and Milwaukee. By having a select geographic location that we service, we are certain our properties can be cleared within a reasonable time.


Having a trained, experienced crew is essential in providing services that maintain the safety of your property. At MJR Services, we work hard to find skilled drivers and hardworking shovelers to make sure your property is cleared efficiently and professionally. Every year prior to the first snow event, we train our staff on the properties they will be maintaining.


MJR Services, LLC has any and all necessary licenses and insurance to not only protect our assets, but yours as well. At any time throughout the snow season, proof of insurance is available upon request.

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