Lawn Care

Lawn Care Packages

Emerald Lawn Care Package

      5- Fertilizing Applications

      4- Weed Control Applications

      1- Core Aeration

      1- Overseeding

      All at 10% Savings!

      Our highly rated premium package

Standard Lawn Care Package

      5- Fertilizing Applications

      4- Weed Control Applications

      1- Core Aeration

Basic Lawn Care Package

      5- Fertilizing Applications

      4- Weed Control Applications

Free Lawn Analysis

At MJR Services, we offer a free lawn analysis to all new clients. During the meeting, we will discuss the quality of your turf, any problem areas that we discover, as well as pricing for our lawn care packages. 

Lawn Care Establishment & Maintenance Facts

Click here to read about the most frequently asked questions from our customers about lawn maintenance and establishment. Some of the topics covered include: how to water your lawn, is seed or sod better in Wisconsin, and should grass clippings be left on the lawn?

Are you unhappy with your current lawn care company?

If  you can answer "yes" to any of these questions, contact one of our lawn care professionals.

 Complete 5-Step 

Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control Program

Spring Application

Pre-emergent crabgrass control & seasonal fertilizer

Late Spring Application

Broadleaf weed control & seasonal fertilizer

Summer Application

Spot spray for broadleaf weeds & seasonal fertilizer

Late Summer Application

Broadleaf weed control & seasonal fertilizer

Fall Application

Seasonal fertilizer

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Fertilizing & Weed Control

At MJR Services, we use premium fertilizers that are geared to promote the year-round health and aesthetics of your lawn. These fertilizers not only encourage a darker richer green color, they are also eco-friendly allowing us to apply less material than most conventional fertilizers using  select slow-release granules. Our 5-step fertilization and weed control program is guaranteed to provide maximum results, while working within your budget.

Insect & Disease Control


At MJR Services, we follow an integrated pest management (IPM) approach to handling insects and disease in your turf.  This means we carefully monitor the sight, decide if treatment is necessary, seek intervention if a problem arises and continuously evaluate whether the treatment is working or no longer needed.  By taking this approach, we are ensuring pest resurgence and dependence on pesticides will not take place. If you think there may be an issue with insects or disease in your turf, contact one of our lawn care specialists, by clicking here. 


Grass Cutting

A highly manicured turf begins with a professional cut. At MJR Services we use commercial grade eXmark lawn mowers that are specifically engineered to provide a precision cut at a consistent height. Our maintenance staff sharpens mower blades on a weekly basis, guaranteeing the health of your turf and also making it less susceptible to disease. We offer weekly mowing services to residential and commercial properties.

Core Aeration & Dethatching


Core aeration is the process of pulling numerous plugs of thatch and dirt from your lawn, when there is 1/2" or less of thatch present. The plugs are left on the lawn, and allowed to break down naturally. The benefits of core aeration include:

  • Alleviating compaction, which increases water, oxygen and nutrients to the root zone of grass.

  • Helps the grass roots to grow deeper, promoting a thicker, fuller lawn.

Recommended to be performed annually. Typically takes place in fall.


If there is excessive thatch in your lawn (more than 1/2"), dethatching may be necessary. Excess thatch can prevent the grass from taking in the essential amounts of oxygen, water, and nutrients. It also makes an ideal habitat for insects and disease. The process of dethatching removes the layer of dead turf grass (thatch) by power raking. The thatch is then raked up and removed completely from the turf.  


Overseeding helps to incorporate new grass into an existing lawn. This process is beneficial because it:

  • Increases the amount of grass varieties, which helps to inhibit different fungal diseases and insects.

  • Fills in bare spots, making the lawn more dense and lush.

  • Promotes a darker, rich green color as a result of the different grass varieties.

Recommended to be performed annually. Typically takes place in fall.