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Landscape Design

At MJR Services, we understand the importance of incorporating our client's needs, wants, design style, and budget into designs that evoke creativity, beauty, and functionality. From individual planting beds, partial or complete landscape renovations, new construction projects, or consultations, we offer a full range of landscape design services.
3D design  with night lighting
3D design daytime
3D design with night lighting
3D design daytime
Blueprint, 2D design

Every design we complete:

  • Evokes multi-season interest through a variety of plantings

  • Utilizes hardscapes to transform a bare space into an extra living space

  • Uses hardscape layouts, plants, and materials that complement the client's design style

  • Ensures the level of maintenance required fits the client's needs

  • Takes budget into consideration even before a conceptual design is created

Client Questionnaire

Perspective clients are encouraged to complete our questionnaire prior to the first design consultation. This will enable us to understand the needs and wants of the client, and allows us time to gather ideas to discuss at the time of the consultation. To receive a free design consultation from our in-house designer, please complete the "Client Questionnaire" by clicking on one of the links below.

Initial Consultation

During the initial consultation, we will perform a walkthrough of your property, where we will discuss your goals for the project and any ideas you may have. We will also cover some of the items listed on the questionnaire. Clients will be presented with a proposal that breaks down the design fees and goes over the remainder of the design process. Most of our projects are completed in plan view or 2-dimensional, however our designer can render a 3-dimensional walkthrough for clients who would prefer this option. The designer will discuss this option with you at the time of meeting. 

Site Analysis 


Once a contract is signed, our designer can begin the first phase of creating a design. This includes a site analysis, where measurements will be taken of the building and property, and additional site conditions will be identified (soil quality, light, slope/ grade, views to be screened, etc.). Several pictures will be taken of the entire site. 



The design presentation is where the completed first draft of the design is outlined to the client and includes items such as: hardscape layouts (patios, walkways, fire pits, planting bed shape, etc.), as well as plant material. Client feedback is used to make any necessary changes.



If any revisions are required, additional appointments will be arranged. During this time, our designer can help clients select hardscape materials, colors and patterns, as well as assist in choosing outdoor furniture. 

Final Draft

Once all of the revisions have been made, our designer will put together a final design package. This will include copies of the full size blueprint(s), as well as any material catalogs requested by the client. 

Our design process is streamlined, to alleviate some of the stress that planning a large project can have. Below is a breakdown of the steps we follow from initial client contact, to the final design presentation.
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