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Covid-19 Updates


The Governor’s Safer at Home Order allows landscaping businesses to provide services that are essential in maintaining the safety and sanitation of residences, businesses and buildings. The services that we provide that are essential in maintaining properties include spring clean-ups, grass cutting, fertilizing/ weed control, mulching and bed maintenance. Within the next few weeks we will begin our season by providing those limited services. Non-essential services such as new landscape installations will be postponed until further notice.


To help keep our customers and employees safe we are requiring:


  • Social distancing: Only one employee will be permitted to drive in a vehicle at any given time. When on the job site, employees must maintain at least six feet distance from one another. We will also limit the number of employees sent to service a property. Employees are not permitted to engage in communication with customers. Customers have been asked that if they have any questions or concerns to call our office at 414-801-7210 and we will contact the necessary person(s). No invoices will be left on customer doors. All correspondence will be done via email or mail.


  • Sanitization: Employees will be given their own tools and equipment to use for the day. They are prohibited from sharing tools and equipment. Vehicles, tools and equipment will be cleaned thoroughly at the end of the shift as well as periodically throughout the shift. All employees will be provided hand sanitizer or water and soap to wash their hands. Employees are only to travel from job site to job site. They are not permitted to stop for food during their shift. Trips to gas stations should be for necessary fuel and bathroom breaks only.


In this crisis, we understand it is imperative we as a business do our best to protect our employees, customers, as well as our community.  The approval by the government to provide basic maintenance services is not taken lightly, and we will ensure to maintain our high level of professionalism, empathy and honesty to help get us through this challenging time.


We value our customers and understand the concerns many are facing in regards to health and finances. Please reach out to us at any time with any questions or concerns. We will do our best to help offer resources and guidance during this global pandemic.

CISA Guidance on the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce

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