Late Spring Application

Spring Application

Pre-emergent crabgrass control & seasonal fertilizer

Overseeding is the process of reseeding your existing lawn to improve its density, improve grass varieties and enhance your lawn's color.

Lawn Care

Spot spray for broadleaf weeds & seasonal fertilizer


Late Summer Application

Broadleaf weed control & seasonal fertilizer

At MJR Services, we follow an integrated pest managment (IPM) approach to handeling insects and disease in your turf.  This means we carefully monitor the sight, decide if treatment is necessary, seek intervention if a problem arises and continuously evaluate whether the treatment is working or no longer needed.  By taking this approach, we are ensuring pest resurrgence and dependence on pesticides will not take place.

Broadleaf weed control & seasonal fertilizer

At MJR Services, our clientele includes large corporations, small local business, apartment and condominium complexes , and residential households. Our complete lawn care package includes grass cutting, fertilizing, core aeration and overseeding. This package is guaranteed to provide you with the most green, lush and highly manicured lawn in the area.  Individual services are also available.

At MJR Services, we use premium fertilizers that are geared to promote the year round health and aesthetics of your lawn. These fertilizers not only encourage a darker richer green color, they are also eco-friendly allowing us to apply less material than most conventional fertilizers through the use of microbial based catalysts and select slow-release granules.

Our 5-step fertilization program starts at only $194 and is guaranteed to provide maximum results, while working within your budget. Our recommended 5- step program includes:

MJR Services

Complete 5-Step Program


Fall Application


Core Aeration

Insects & Disease

Do you have 1/2" or more of thatch present in your lawn? If so, dethatching may be necessary in improving the health of your lawn. 

Grass Cutting

If you can answer "YES" to any of the above questions, click here to contact one of MJR Services top lawn care specialists.

The process of core aerating removes plugs of thatch and dirt to allow for increased water, nutrient and oxygen to the root zone of grass. Not only does core aeration improve the health of your lawn, it can improve the aesthetics. To obtain maximum benefits, spring and/or fall core aeration is recommended.

Seasonal fertilizer

A highly manicured turf begins with a professional cut. At MJR Services we use commercial grade eXmark lawn mowers that are specifically engineered to provide a precision cut at a consistent height. Our maintenance staff sharpens mower blades on a weekly basis, guaranteeing the health of your turf and also making it less susceptible to disease.

Summer Application